Humble Yourself

I’m sure that as dancers we sometimes think we are better at a certain skill, is more flexible, can do more turns better than our teammates or dance mates in our classes. It feels great to be praised when you are actually doing something right and people start to notice. You have received numerous awards, your instructor always asks you to demonstrate, and you have heard people that you may be the best in the class or the studio. Dancers strive for perfection in every different aspect so you push yourself to make sure that you stay on top. It is important, however, to make sure that you make sure that your attitude matches your dance level. The amount of positivity and curiosity about dancing should ooze throughout your personality as well. If you find yourself getting a “big head” from so many compliments, maybe take a step back to appreciate the true value of your talent and attitude.

Here are tips that will help you to further your talents both mentally and physically to live up to being the best.

Be Proactive: Talk to someone about your goals and what will help you achieve them. Push yourself to go out of your comfort zone and show your diversity.

– Know when to stay and when to go: Be sure to be at a studio that is the right fit for you to grow and achieve. Make sure to explore your options in order to step up training to reach the best of your ability.

Stay grounded: It is so easy to lose sight of the big picture. You have to realize that there may always be someone who may be better than you in some aspect so, stay level headed and try not to get too full of yourself. It’s important to have confidence, but also to stay gracious. 


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