Jahari Dance Troupe Spring Revue

Reflecting on the past year, the Jahari Dance Troupe at Purdue University holds is annual recital. Jahari was established in 1971 and is apart of the Black Cultural Center’s performing arts group. It is a student dance company with dancers trained in traditional and contemporary trends of black dance. Most styles include: African dance, ballet, Caribbean, folk, jazz, modern and hip hop. The group has received multiple opportunities to receive training from well established dancers. Jahari is the true expression of the African American experience from African to hip-hop. Jahari’s work is completed with personality and style. The troupe strives to provide excellent aesthetic and kinesthetic awareness to its audience. 

The troupe is hosting their end of the year show on Saturday, April 27. Choreography is by Josh Ishmon and Iega Jeff encompassing lyrical, jazz, ballet and African styles. This is a show that will capture the audience’s attention and portray a true picture of a culture that most are not used to seeing. Having went to performances by this group before, I can say that a show full of energy, life and culture will be prepared and will be very enjoyable.


Jahari Dance Troupe Spring Revue

Saturday, April 27 @ 7 p.m.

Loeb Playhouse, Stewart Center

$5 Student Tickets, $7 General Public






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