Flawlessly Tapping

There have been so many singing remakes and choreography videos channeling Beyonce’s most recent album. I can say that I have yet to see a tap tribute this flawless. According to SyncopatedLadies.com, “Inspired by her experience working with Beyonce, Chloe Arnold wanted to bring that fierce feminine style to her passion for Tap Dancing.” The Syncopated Ladies are a tap dancing band that “brings fierce rhythms, fast feet, with a feminine touch! With a cutting-edge sound and look, they are the music and the dance.”(Syncopatedladies.com). The tap dancers have traveled around the world for numerous media performances. 25 countries to be exact, including television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and movies like Idlewild.

The ladies have created tap performances to numerous songs and the one I came across was a salute to the fierce lady herself, Beyonce. “WE LOVE TAP. WE LOVE BEYONCE,” the ladies expressed as a result of having Beyonce as their inspiration. Beyonce even gave them a shout out on twitter saying that, “They killed it!” Needless to say, the video went viral through their quick feet and very unique tap shoes. Feel FLAWLESS with the Syncopated Ladies!

For more information about the group’s events, performances and latest news, visit http://www.syncopatedladies.com


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