National Dance Week 2014

National Dance Week is here already? Yes, National Dance Week starts tomorrow, April 25 through May 4. If you do not already have plans on how you can celebrate, there is always one thing in particular to look forward to. The third annual flash mob is back again ready to kick off the most wonderful time of the year, for dancers, of course. Your local studio may surprise the class with a traditional performance or festival. National Dance Week website has many options for you to find out what events may be happening in an area near you. The week is filled with essay contests, a dance mob and poster contest. All activities can be found of the National Dance Week official website.

This is the third year that there is a flash mob of the contest is still coming along for the ride. listed the rules on their site. “The rules are simple: Start by learning this year’s official routine, created by choreographer extraordinaire Gregg Russell. Then teach it to a group from your studio or school, or even just a bunch of dance-inclined friends. Make a video of your posse performing the routine, upload it to YouTube, and submit the link to the official NDW site.”

The winners will be chosen by their creativity, votes, and spirit. This is a great way to showcase your own flair and personality. Submissions will be due on June 4, so be sure to get started now with the video!

Be sure to celebrate NDW to help continue their mission to “Celebrate Dance and Promote Fun Fitness!”-National Dance Week website.




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