History Inherited Review

The Jahari Dance Troupe, an extent of the Black Cultural Center’s performing arts groups showcased their year in review Saturday evening. I was in attendance and I will say that I really enjoyed the performances actually sitting in the audience. The 15 dancers performed 14 dance routines throughout the show that exuded energy and originality encompassing lyrical, jazz, ballet and African styles. The show had an underlying theme of enjoying a celebration of the African culture through rhythm, dance and movement. Even more specifically, this was an opportunity to show how many styles of dances are rooted in African dances.

I appreciated the variety of music that was used. It ranged from pop, hip hop, rap and smooth jazz. Also, the styles were spread across the board and there was a nice balance of everything. The dancers’ experience ranged from beginner to advanced. You could tell how much each dancer enjoyed what they were doing and how they were telling a story through their movements. I thought it was unique to set the show up as a timeline through history as the dance stores modernized themselves towards the end of the show. The audience definitely enjoyed the hip hop sections and I personally enjoyed the modern solo by Sabrina Allen to just words. The brief explanations before each piece set the tone and we were able to see the story come to life on stage. All in all, I would say that the show was very enjoyable and full of life. If you have never been to a performance by the Jahari Dance Troupe, I would strongly suggest making an effort to do so. You can find more information about Jahari Dance Troupe here .


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