Save the Last Dance

It’s hard to believe that a whole semester of dancing has gone by. I have throughly enjoyed being able to share insight into the dance world and I have learned so much myself. This started as a component of my grade in my Intro to New Media Class and now the semester is coming to an end. I hope following my blog was as interesting for you to read as much as I enjoyed researching and passing along knowledge.

I would love to continue keep this blog up and running, but I can’t make any promises that there will be regular updates. All the while, it is my wish that you have saw yourself in videos that have been posted, identified yourself ¬†as a ballet kid or checked out some great dance events. This blog made an entrance on the stage and the music started with all of the information that was shared. Throughout the semester, there were may “routines” with each video, picture or article. As the final song is playing, I want to leave hoping that this summer, if you are in the position to sit back and relax or go dance, I hope that you dance. For now, this is a “see you later”. I give a standing ovation and now, you may exit stage left.