Summertime Dance

Most academic class aren’t session and what that says to me is more time for dance! There are so many things to do over the summer to improve technique and flexibility or just for fun. During the summer, I usually try to take classes at my local dance studio, just to keep myself active and stay in tact with my skills. I love the summer because there are so many opportunities to include dance in your daily schedule. Here are a few things I would suggest doing over the summer to get your dance fix.

  • Search for a dance studio in your community
  • Search on YouTube for stretching or technique tutorials
  • Watch the new season of “So You Think You Can Dance” that begins on May 28th on FOX!
  • Research Dance festivals such as the American Dance Festivals
  • Local events that encourage recreational dancing such as “Dancing & Cruising in the Streets” in Lafayette, IN in July

These are just a few ideas to get started but there are many more ideas that can be thought about to get you in the dance mood. While you’re watching TV or at a BBQ, DANCE! It helps you stay active and of course it’s very enjoyable!